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AI Safety

AI Alignment Course

AI systems are quickly advancing in capability and generality. While AI holds the promise of significantly enhancing human society, questions remain about how to create AI systems that are controllable, aligned with our goals, and interpretable. I've decided to dig into the way in which I can contribute to the development of AI safety by exploring solutions to these challenges.

The AI Alignment course covers essential concepts in AI safety and alignment, offering the opportunity to engage with, assess, and discuss related ideas thoroughly. 

GitHub Projects

At one point I thought it would be good to have multiple GitHub accounts to manage my personal and other projects. The GitHub accounts listed are the most relevant. These will eventually be merged into one account, but they'll remain separate for now. 

Personal GitHub

There's not much of anything in here, but I'm hoping to change that soon. 

Full-stack Web Development GitHub

This was the account I primarily used during my time at LEARN Academy. 

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