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About Me

My name is Evan and I am a technology professional with over eight years of experience working primarily in cybersecurity. I believe that having range in your abilities is an asset. With that, I am an intentional master of none and firm believer that neither title nor role should be a barrier to explore new things. I've backed up my beliefs by pursuing various majors in college, going from Accounting, to Economics, and finally to Computer Science. Moreover, the jobs I've held over the years have also been somewhat eclectic. Outside of my technical career path, I've worked in retail, food services, landscaping, banking, and pastry decorating, before eventually working in cybersecurity, application development, compliance, and technical project/program management. I also enjoy dabbling in both human and computer languages.  I've even lived in multiple US states and in the Dominican Republic for several years. Some may see my background as inconsistent, but I believe this diversity of experience is indicative of my growth mindset.

What's the deal with "Evan Digs"? From my experience, it's simpler to showcase expertise in a single area rather than in multiple, unrelated fields. However, I enjoy exploring and delving into a variety of new interests. That being said, creating a site to document the diverse things that I investigate and "dig" into is a great way to demonstrate my broad range of skills and knowledge.

My official CV can be downloaded below, but I've provided more thorough explanations -providing details that don't quite work in a CV - of my experience and education in the next section.  



TrueCar, Inc.

After starting at TrueCar as a Security Engineer, I quickly advanced to Lead Engineer due to multiple successful projects and the acquisition of additional responsibilities. For instance, I revitalized the internal phishing exercises and bug bounty programs, and developed scripts and processes to address various compliance requirements. Additionally, I launched several new tools for email security, EDR, and vulnerability management. In 2023, following a series of restructuring, layoffs, and attrition, I was given the opportunity to manage both the Security and Compliance teams. This challenging period allowed me to build a Security & Compliance team from scratch and serve as the Acting Director of Security & Compliance.

Ultimately, I decided to leave TrueCar to explore new opportunities where I can continue be a leader and asset to my team while also having the space to develop my professional and personal skills in a more meaningful way.



As a Cyber Application Developer and Researcher, I helped build a replacement to Lockheed Martin's Laika BOSS scanning system. This was primary accomplished using python in a RHEL environment. I quickly learned multiple Python libraries to build modules that would allow deep analysis of email, including recursive analysis of attachments, in order to provide security and threat intelligence teams with much needed data. Additionally, my final project in this role was to build out the SOAR solution, using Demisto. 


LEARN Academy

Although this wasn't a job, I consider attending the LEARN Academy bootcamp as a key period in my overall experience. I quit my job at Leidos and decided to pursue hand-on experience with web development during my last semester of my Computer Science program. The bootcamp helped to further expand my knowledge of frontend and backend web development, specifically in Ruby, Rails, REACT, and PostgreSQL. Additionally, I learned how to pair and mob program, present technical topics, and manage multiple small and large projects. 



Leidos was where I started what was supposed to only be a three-month security analyst internship, working in the SOC of their Commercial Cyber division (MSSP); I've been in security for 8 years now. Despite only starting off as an internship, I excelled quickly and was offered a permanent position as a junior analyst. Within about a year and half, I was offered the position of SOC supervisor, which quickly led to me taking on the role of acting manager. Leidos was an excellent place to kick off a career in cybersecurity. More Specifically, providing security services for federal agencies and fortune 500 companies provided countless opportunities to triage and investigate a wide variety of attack types and malicious payloads. I left Leidos to pursue a more technical path, since I felt like I had moved into a people leadership role quicker than I had wanted. 



University of Illinois Springfield

I earned by Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science after the 2018 fall semester. Attending UIS not only gave me the opportunity to continue my education, but it gave me the flexibility to accept an internship and full-time position in cybersecurity. This allowed me to expand my skill set across multiple technical domains beyond my curriculum. 


Arizona State University

After attending MiraCosta for five years, it was time for me to move on in my Computer Science program to a four-year university. I was accepted to many different schools across the country, including University of Oregon, Gonzaga University, and Rochester Institute of Technology. I ultimately decided to attend ASU in part because the Computer Science program, the friends that I had in Arizona, and my wife's job. It was a fantastic semester. Not only did I take some amazing classes, but I also worked as a TA for one of the professor's C++ classes. Unfortunately, I only attended ASU for one semester since my wife's job fell through and we didn't want to continue living in separate states. Fortunately, the University of Illinois offered many flexible distance learning programs, including Computer Science.


MiraCosta College

Attending MiraCosta offered me an affordable way to pursue a quality education in Accounting, Economics, and Computer Science. This was incredibly valuable for someone like me, who didn't understand how higher education worked or what career path to follow. 

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